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3 Ways To Work Your Database For Maximum ROI

3 Ways To Work Your Database For Maximum ROI

In 2022, housing inventory is at an all time low.

There are currently MORE realtors than homes for sale. It’s not easy to generate new business.

So, it’s that much more important for real estate pros to be making the most from their existing database of contacts…

Here are 3 effective ways to generate business from your network:

  1. Email Campaigns: Regularly communicating “one-to-many” through email allows you to reach as many people as possible with little effort or cost.

    A great way to be consistent but not overbearing is to have a weekly newsletter. This is an email blast that goes out once a week with general education or local entertainment-style content.

    It’s important to not get overly focused on sales here or readers will tune you out. The goal is to create familiarity, trust & engagement with your brand. 

  2. One-To-One Text Message Videos: Try making a habit of sending 5 text message videos per day. Ideally, you’d send a 30-second video that’s simple but customized to the viewer. Something like, “Hey Beth, it’s been a while since we caught up & I just wanted to say hello. I saw your kids are growing up fast! I hope all is well 😁“. 

    This should only take you a few minutes per day. But text messages have an incredibly high open rate & allow you to truly personalize your message. So, this allows you to create more depth with your sphere of influence. Bonus: You’ll inherently get more comfortable with making videos too.

  3.  Smart Farming With Customized Letters: Direct mailers can be a very targeted way to reach homeowners. It’s also a scalable approach for 1-to-1 communication in your local market.

    Previously, over the years, realtors would just blanket a neighborhood with 1 generic flyer. But when you’re empowered with data – you have the ability to create personalized letters that drive meaningful engagement. Our experience has shown us that knowing what to send & who to send it to makes a huge difference in results. 

    We can show you examples of how this is done – or we can even pull a list of your past clients for you to show you what the opportunity looks like in your market.

    Schedule a call with our team to see how some of the top agents throughout the country are using ‘smart farming’ to grow their market share & sell more homes. 

    Ultimately, we encourage all Realtors to focus on building their database & staying consistent. So, try all of the above! 

    This will set the foundation for long-term, sustainable growth. 

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