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Realtors: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

In 2022, we’re on track to see one of the HOTTEST real estate markets ever.
With that comes challenges and wins. Ups & downs.
But not all Realtors are created equal. And in a market like this, it’s especially important to be on your A-game.
After working with some of the best in the industry, we’ve found 3 trends that the BEST agents are avoiding:
Avoid These 3 Mistakes
  1. Stop Calling This A “Crazy” Market 🤪 –  It’s not helping your mindset, but even worse it’s hurting the trust that you have with clients. No buyer or seller wants to feel like the market is chaotic and out of their control. No home shopper wants to feel like it’s all just too difficult to make a move.
    Whether you’re talking to investors, buyers or sellers… start being their source of “calming confidence.” The best agents out there are building authority with clear direction & transparency. Not projecting or using fear tactics.
    Sure, it’s important to acknowledge what’s happening in the real estate space. But it’s even more useful to have a clear stance that your prospective clients can get behind. Whether you’re educating buyers about the long-term benefits of owning real estate or encouraging homeowners to tap into their equity… make clear recommendations while avoiding fear-driven claims.
    2. Don’t Over-Promise Only To Under-Deliver 🙅‍♀️ – We’re all looking at inventory shortages which can imply a lot… Like record home prices & (at least) another year of rising appreciation. BUT, no one knows for sure how much or how long the market will behave this way. No one can predict the future.
    And by not setting accurate & clear expectations for consumers, you run the risk of an upset client. SHOW buyers what the journey looks like right now. SHOW sellers the steps to maximizing their home prices.
    Avoid sugar-coating any communication with your clients. This actually builds trust and helps to gain long-term clients.
    3. Don’t Stop Building Your Pipeline 🛠️ – You might have more buyers than homes to sell them right now… But the best agents are constantly backfilling their list of clients.
    With interest rates rising and buyer fatigue adding up – it’s important to consistently put effort toward future business.
    We know that’s not easy – which is why we created a platform to automate your smart farming. We’ve created a simple process that helps you 1. stay in front of past clients while 2. generating new clients. All while letting you focus on the current business in front of you.
    If you’d like, we can give a full breakdown of how that process works. Just schedule a quick call with our team this week.
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